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Power & Harmonic Analysis


What are Harmonics?...

As more electronic devices  are used, harmonics potentially becomes a problem. 
When harmonic frequencies are prevalent, electrical power panels and transformers become mechanically resonant,  caused by magnetic fields.  The power panel or transformer vibrates and emits a buzzing sound. 
Among the electrical devices that seem to cause harmonics are Personal Computers, Dimmers, Laser Printers, Electronic Ballast, Stereos, Radios, TVs, Fax Machines, and any other equipment powered by switched-mode power supply (SMPS) equipment

What Problems Does This Create?

Overheating of the neutral wires which can result in a potential fire hazard
Overheating of transformers which shortens the life of a transformer and will eventually destroy it
Poor power factor conditions that result in monthly utility penalty fees for major users 
Nuisance tripping of circuit breakers, overvoltage problems, flickering lights, computer malfunctions etc.

The Answer?

We conduct  a power analysis survey and testing usually over a week, maybe longer.  We evaluate the voltage fluctuation, current flow, power-factor, power consumption levels and harmonics testing. Each of these allow us to create an accurate assessment and report  on the health of power supplies in your building.